February 10, 2020

ANNOUNCEMENTS (Mrs. James and Mrs. Thomas)

  • Please welcome our new assistant and technology teacher, Ms. Thomason! Ms. Thomason will be assisting fourth grade on Mondays, every day but Wednesday for recess and lunch and for Bible Study on Fridays.
  • On Tuesday, February 11 we will be allowing the last 10 to 15 minutes of the school day for the students to pass out valentines in their homerooms. We ask that you please only have your child write their names on the valentines if they wish to participate. This makes it much easier to pass them out. 4J has 25 students and 4T has 26 students.
  • We hope all of our St. Patrick families have a wonderful and safe Winter Break!


  • Thank you to those who have already signed up for and downloaded the app for PikMyKid! If you have not, please sign up and download the app by Wednesday, February 12th. This is a really quick process that will maybe take you 5 minutes. If all parents in 4th grade have signed up by winter break, students will get a dress down day!!


MATH (Mrs. Thomas)

  • Continue working on Chapter 10, double digit multiplication

SCIENCE (Mrs. Thomas):

  • Wrapping up Chapter 6, Lesson 4-6. There will be a mini test on Tuesday, 2/11. Due to the small range of the lessons, there will be one activity and five questions that are multiple choice. The Quizlet is posted. https://quizlet.com/_7zag6p?x=1qqt&i=27bhxw

RELIGION (Mrs. Thomas):

  • Continuing Chapter 9 and 10 on the Holy Spirit.

ELA (Mrs. James):

  • Finishing chapters 1-6 of James and the Giant Peach 
  • Fact vs. opinion
  • Working on reading and language skills in centers

WRITING (Mrs. James):

  • Action and linking verbs
  • Main and helping verbs
  • Completing a writing sprint 


  • Discussing the difference between suburban and rural communities
  • Discussing tourist attractions in Kentucky

Projects, tests, & quizzes:


           Tuesday:Mini Science Chapter 6 Lessons 4-6 test

           Wednesday: Fast Facts



Projects, tests, & quizzes (Tentative):

  • Spelling test (multiple choice) Friday, 2/21


  • February 13: PST Conferences
  • February 14-17 Winter Break – School Closed
  • February 18: School Resumes
  • February 21: End Second Trimester
  • February 24: Begin Third Trimester
  • February 26: Ash Wednesday

Wish List:

4J needs loose leaf paper, and construction paper

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