March 9, 2020

ANNOUNCEMENTS (Mrs. James and Mrs. Thomas)

  • Don’t forget to make transportation changes to PikMyKid! It might be also helpful to send us an email if you are changing transportation during the school day.
  • Many students have run out of school supplies (ex. Lined paper, pencils, markers). Please check with your child to see if they need to refill their supplies.
  • Many students have also lost their nametags. Please check with your child to make sure they have their nametag. If they have lost it, send in $6 in an envelope with their first and last name, homeroom, and “nametag” written on it. If they only need a back, it is $0.75
  • Thank you to everyone that has volunteered for our field trip to Beckley Station. We have enough volunteers at this time.

MATH (Mrs. Thomas)

  • This week we will continue to work on Division with Chapter 12 and 13
  • We will have a Chapter 11, 12 & 13 test on March 20th 
  • Homework this week is Simple Solutions #65 & 66 as well as PW #81 & 82. (no simple solutions quiz this week)

SCIENCE (Mrs. Thomas):

  • This week we will start our exploration of fossils. 
  • There will be a chapter 5 test on Friday, March 13th. The quizlet can be found here

RELIGION (Mrs. Thomas):

  • This week we will start working on our Stations of the Cross presentation as well as have Ms. Lindon in our room for Speak Up Be Safe.

ELA (Mrs. James):

    • Reading ch. 17-21 of James and the Giant Peach
    • Using graphic sources to understand reading material better
    • Discussing multiple-meaning words
    • Working in literature groups
    • Language arts IXL M.2, B.1, and H.2 due Friday, March 13th

WRITING (Mrs. James):

  • Organizing information for compare and contrast essays, and starting to write the rough draft in class


    • Playing Quizlet live for our Kentucky test
    • test on Kentucky counties, economy, and how Kentucky became a state Tuesday, 3/10
    • Listening to a speaker from the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department talk about animals native to Kentucky

Projects, tests, & quizzes:


           Tuesday: Kentucky counties, economy, and how Kentucky became a state test

           Wednesday: Fast Facts


           Friday: Science Test

Projects, tests, & quizzes (Tentative):

  • Spelling test (multiple choice) Friday, 3/20
  • Math test Friday, 3/20


  • March 16: Holiday – No School
  • March 23: Fourth grade will lead Stations of the Cross in the church at roughly 8 a.m.
  • March 27: Beckley Station Field Trip
  • March 30-April 3: Spring Break
  • April 10: Good Friday, 1:00 pm Dismissal
  • April 13: Easter Monday

Wish List:

4J and 4T need extra snacks for kids who forget theirs

4J needs bandaids 

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